Environmental and social commitments

The environment and social justice are burning issues in today's world. As I work, I want to minimise my carbon footprint and contribute something positive to the world and its inhabitants.

I readily admit that I’m not perfect and this is an evolving process, but my commitments are listed below.

  • In my home office, I will use self-generated electricity (solar panel) or electricity from a green energy supplier.
  • Electrical equipment will be set to power saving modes wherever practical.
  • All electrical equipment will be refurbished wherever possible (this means pre-used equipment that is in very good condition and has been fully serviced).
  • I will always try to get equipment repaired/serviced – rather than just replacing and upgrading without question.
  • I will provide voluntary editing services to small charities or organisations with very low budgets (who would not normally be able to afford such services). I will offer this for an average of half a day a week.
  • I will prioritise using financial institutions with good ethical credentials.
  • I will use a hosting provider (Create) with a progressive environmental policy.
  • I will exercise discernment in accepting work. If a company shows a clear disregard for the environment or the well-being of other life, then I will not work with them. Similarly, if an individual or group promotes ideas that I feel are harmful or divisive, I will not work with them.