A view from the top of a rocky hill, with forest and a lake below.

Environmental and social commitments

The environment and social justice are burning issues in today's world. As I work, I want to minimise my carbon footprint and contribute something positive to the world and its inhabitants.

This is an evolving process, and I readily admit I am not perfect, but here are my commitments:

  • In my office, I use self-generated electricity (solar panel) or electricity from a green energy supplier.
  • Electrical equipment is set to power saving mode whenever possible.
  • I buy refurbished electrical equipment whenever possible (this means used equipment that is in very good condition and has been fully serviced).
  • I prioritise repairing/servicing equipment over replacing and upgrading without question (this article speaks to why this and the previous point feel important).
  • I provide voluntary editing services to small charities or organisations with very low budgets (who would normally be unable to afford such services). I offer this for an average of half a day a week.
  • I use a hosting provider with a progressive environmental policy.
  • I exercise discernment in accepting work. If somebody shows a clear disregard for the environment or the well-being of other life, I will not work with them. Similarly, if a project promotes ideas that I feel are harmful or divisive, it's a no-no.
  • I strive towards promoting language that is inclusive, empowering and respectful to all. I acknowledge that, like most people, I carry a myriad of subconscious bias, and I endeavour to shine a light on that.


I'm always open to other suggestions for how I can do better – if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!