The original testimonials can mostly be found on the Natural Edits Facebook page or Will's LinkedIn profile.

Working with Will on refining the Humane Marketing Community Sales Page was an absolute delight. His approach to editing is not only meticulous and thoughtful but also deeply respectful of one’s unique voice. His knack for understanding the heart of what I wanted to convey, coupled with his gentle suggestions for enhancement, truly made the experience enriching. He also made it very easy to follow along with the edits, converting my webpage into a pdf document with comments. Collaborating with Will is like having a conversation with a dear friend who genuinely wants to see you and your work shine.

Sarah Santacroce

Conscious Business Coach and Humane marketer (Switzerland)

Will recently helped me edit and proofread my debut poetry book. I found his suggestions and comments to be incredibly helpful, especially as this was my first adventure into the world of book publishing. He offered a very sensitive and light touch, which was entirely necessary for poems of this nature. He was very attuned to the energy, sentiment, and written rhythm of what was being conveyed. Will also offered a wonderful perspective on how something would land for the reader, which really enhanced the overall flow of not only the individual poems but the book as a whole. I can't recommend him enough and would be honoured to work with him again.

Mentor and Guide (UK)                      

Will responded to a call I put out on the CIEP message board for a copyeditor (preferably with growing or farming experience) at short notice to work on the six-inches-of-soil book I was preparing. It was a demanding edit of texts derived from interview transcripts. Will did an excellent job knocking them into shape. He checked and amended incorrect details and made good suggestions for improvement. And did it all to a tight deadline. I shall certainly send more work Will's way when the opportunity arises.

Jeremy Toynbee

Managing Director at 5m Books Ltd (UK)

With meticulousness and patience, Will helps us with all the difficulties and challenges an English text brings for a non-native speaker. He proofreads and copyedits for us, an extraordinary book project with unique and particular journalistic and scientific requirements. He has a perfect feeling for content, logic, language and writing style. His punctual work is a pleasure and highly instructive.

Petra Weber

Crime Author and Podcaster (Germany)

Will is a highly skilled and very precise copyeditor, and we have been more than happy with his exact and conscious translations, corrections and polishing of texts on different subjects. He does not leave a stone unturned to achieve the best possible expression. 


Online course platform and community space holder (Finland)

I’m very pleased with Will’s editing work on my website! He's a kind and easygoing person to work with, and he honoured my style and offered some excellent tips to refine my writing. I warmly recommend Natural Edits to anyone who needs help with bringing their message into the world.

Nina Nousiainen

Somatic Guide and Dream Worker (Finland)