In nature with my dog

Specialist subjects

Editorial support from someone who gets your subject (and why you're inspired to write about it) is a precious thing. This page highlights some of the areas that fire me up.

Bushcraft and nature-based learning: I've worked extensively as a bushcraft instructor, wild food guide and level 3 Forest School leader. I'm in love with all aspects of the outdoor life and natural history, and have an excellent knowledge of the flora and fauna of northern Europe.

Organic gardening, permaculture, green living: I love getting my hands in the soil and have participated in various organic gardening projects – including working as the garden and grounds co-ordinator at Gaia House (a meditation centre in Devon, UK). I hold a permaculture design certificate and have helped build all sorts of interesting structures over the years, from compost loos to a cob house.

Spiritual enquiry, personal development and holistic health: I've practised yoga and meditation for over twenty years, spending time with many inspiring teachers from different traditions. I'm fascinated by quantum mechanics, Buddhism, Shamanism, Sufism, mystic branches of Christianity, and anything that supports us to see life in a fresh and radical light. I also work as a craniosacral therapist (qualifying in 2007 with the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London) and have a keen interest in various other complementary therapies and approaches to well-being.

Outdoor adventure: I've been an obsessive surfer for most of my life and spent several years working as a freelance surf journalist and photographer, with work published in various countries. These days, I spend much of my time in Finland where adventures revolve around cycle touring, hiking, kayaking, foraging and cross-country skiing – nearly always with Miso the super-stoked rescue dog by my side.

History: I have a long-standing fascination with all aspects of human history – from the first migrations out of Africa to the countercultures of the 60s and 70s. I believe learning about our past gives us fascinating insights into human psychology and offers us lessons on moving forward skilfully. I'm also fascinated by individuals' personal histories and how they fit into the wider picture. I love working with memoirs, biographies and autobiographies.